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Bianca is an attractive, adventurous girl from Milan who likes to experience new things in life and deliver impressive massage.
Our massage services are both stimulating and very relaxing... consumate satisfaction for the human senses. Our massage therapist uses a wide variety of skillful techniques to maximaze visual and sensory stimulation to totally relieve your tensions and stress. Do not missthis traditional massage.

Here's an interesting story from my childhood. I was a sweet, intelligent, and very curious child, who crawled for a long time. At last, by the time I was two years old I was finally able to walk straight and upright..... and my parents were happy. But with my newfound walking skills plus my unbridled curiosity, I found that I liked to touch and explore all the objects that I saw, ..... especially the ones that were formerly inaccessible and remote. The result, as you can imagine, is that many of these items became doomed to failure..... because I broke them all. Then my parents discovered that my curiosity could be satisfied with dolls .... which didn't break! So now, I still have a huge collection of dolls from my childhood. A "touching" story, isn't it?

My personal view to Italian culture.

Italy....... that romantic country!....... famous the world over for creating impeccable beauty in so many things, from sport cars (think Ferrari and Lamborghini)........ to fashion (think Gucci, Versace, Dolce Gabbana) art (think Mickelangelo's Davis),...... to cuisine, culture, Italian language.... to cities (Milan, Rome, Venice) and much more. Italy has given us so many of the finer things in life! It's people exude style, sophistication, and panache..... but their finest creations are surely their women (Sophia Loren, Monica Belluci) - clearly amongst the most beautiful girls in all of Europe. With their olive skin, perfect complexion and sultry looks, these ladies are not only beautiful but are also lively, fun, and sexy!



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